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Texas Association of Addiction Professionals

Every year the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals hosts an Awards Lunch Banquet at the TAAP State Conference to honor the outstanding work of addiction professionals providing prevention, intervention, and treatment, as well as students pursuing a career in addiction counseling. TAAP invites all members to submit nominations of worthy individuals. 

**You must be a current TAAP Member to submit a nomination**

**Nominee must also be a TAAP Member**

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TAAP Hall of Fame

This award recognizes the body of work of an individual in the field of addictions counseling and is awarded based on the many facets of their contributions over an extended period of time, the varied scope of services provided, and the populations these services reached.

The Nominee must have a minimum of ten years of experience in the field and as a member of TAAP. This individual must have provided significant contributions to the profession and the TAAP organization. This award is not presented every year but instead when a worthy candidate is presented that meets the full spirit of the award.

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Elves Smith
Counselor of the Year

This annual award recognizes a counselor in the field of addictions treatment who has worked in the trenches with the clients and their families, and who has contributed both to their industry, community and the TAAP organization in the true spirit of recovery.

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Peer Support Specialist
of the Year

To honor Texas Peer Support Specialists.

Deadline to submit nominations is
July 1, 2024
Nominations are now OPEN

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D. Frank Davis Professional and
Community Outreach

This annual award, named after previous Texas Certification Board Chairman Frank Davis, and is awarded to recognize sustained and meritorious service to the profession of addiction counseling. The nominee must have made significant contributions to TAAP and the professional community.

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Terry D. Hale Professional of the Year

This annual award was created in 2003 to recognize a professional in the field of addiction prevention, intervention or treatment who has made outstanding and sustained contributions to the advancement of the profession and commitment to their community and the TAAP organization.​

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Robert S. Miles Legislative
Advocate of the Year 

Awarded every two years when Texas Legislature is in session.

*No award for 2024*

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